I’m really emotional about this:
The protestors in Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution” have begun to use “Do You Hear the People Sing?” as their anthem, and it’s just really striking that the message and music from Les Mis are so transcendental even 200 years after the events.
It’s almost like there’s solidarity across the time gap. Powerful. untrustyou:

Mutsumi Makino

GENERACIÓN PRÍNCIPE Editorial for Neo2 Magazine 20 Years Anniversary Special July-August 2014 

Model: Pelayo Diaz

Fashion Editor: Ignazio Arizmendi frickhead:

My cousin, TALLON, was reported MISSING today. He is an AUTISTIC BLACK TEEN AND IS COMPLETEY NON-VERBAL. HE DOES NOT RESPOND TO HIS NAME. This young man went out for his daily bike ride, unattended, and did not come back. Tonight, HE IS IN LA BY HIMSELF. He is 6’0, 200lbs, and was last seen wearing a white t shirt and khaki shorts. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!
How About Now by Drake _
Chasing Time by Azealia Banks _

from Adolescence series - Brittany Cohen, 2012